Relationships Guides: Puzzles and Answers

relationships advice for menMen's Guide To Approaching Women - The Path Of Least Resistance

by: Chris Tannoy
Approaching the person you are attracted to come as a most difficult step in your way to searching for partners.
Want to stay friends but a relationship could in the long run ruin the friendship? How to pick topics to start conversation, and more...

seduction flirting and courting for menGuide to Power Words - How to Start and Keep Conversation Going?

by: Chris Tannoy
What are the essentials of a lasting relationship? What kind of signs do girls- guys give you when they're interested?
Which signs are pointing out that relationship is going to develop in a long term love and friendship, and more...

dating tips for menGuide to Conversation: Techniques for Deepening Communication

by: Chris Tannoy
Do you have hard time when you have to initiate conversation with a complete stranger? How many times have you happened to ask someone out and totally blown it.
This is a common problem. How do you ask someone out and not look like a drear, and more...

approaching women tips for menOvercoming Shyness - Men’s Guide For Absolute Beginners

by: Chris Tannoy
» How to do a gentle probe to see if mutual interest is there? How to become more relaxed when you are talking to women. Tips to make each interaction an exercise in overcoming shyness. Stuck trying to find mate, and more...