How to approach and seduce women: 4 killer seduction triggers

approaching any womanHave you felt nervous about approaching women? As you approach a girl you are interested in, come prepared with some great seduction tactics. With such tactics in hand, you will even get a much-needed confidence boost! One of these tactics even has the power to make women fall for you .


How to talk to any woman: 7 quick conversation secrets

start & keep the conversation Learning how to successfully approach any woman, anywhere, no matter her looks, age or mood. A successful approach is one where you walk up to a person, say something and they smile and respond positively. How do you do this? Learn how to always project a positive energy, use non-threatening and friendly body language. magical formula to a perfect approach


How to look more confident when approaching women

Secrets to attract womenApproaching women is not an easy task and one at which most men suck. Some guys don't approach women thinking that these women are way out of their league and some make lethal blunders when they do approach women. Here are some of the most common. This is asking for the date, or suggesting going to some place together, or knowing if you should try to kiss her or attempt another move.
pull off this impressive feat with women


Cure approach anxiety: Techniques from a pickup artist

Shy man: women want their guys to ask them outYou are about to discover secrets that will help you cure your approach anxiety. Overcome your fear of approaching women. Fear of rejection is so commonplace that most guys say it's the ONE thing that holds them back from initiating conversations with women. Take my advice, eliminate your fear of rejection and learn how to automatically approach every woman you find interesting.You really must be calm when you approach women.


Get past the first date: how to start conversation with a woman?

Get past the first date: how to start conversation with a woman? MEN's Portal / Dating Advice for Men  / How do you prove love /

I got attracted to a woman and asked her out. The first date has been really nice for both of us, but she ended not answering my phone calls afterwards. We had a great time, but I'm now puzzled if she's not interested in me.

I am not sure if I did anything wrong on our first date. I felt that we had a good time and enjoyed each other's company. Is her not calling or answering my calls a sign that she is not interested in me? Should I stop contacting her?


How to start and keep romance with a woman?

There could be many factors that prevented her to contact you back. Not just that she was not interested; she might also be shy or still undecided regarding proceeding into relationship. A woman who was interested will not wait weeks to call back after the first date. When a woman is interested, few things will stop her from contacting you.

I believe she went out with you again because he was trying to be nice. If she wanted to contact you for a second date, he would have.

Does a girl avoid a guy she likes?

I believe initially, that a man should pursue a woman, and most men thoroughly enjoy doing it. It is the masculine impulse in them that makes them enjoy it.

But if a woman is not pursuing you in the very beginning or even avoiding your calls that tells me she is not interested. An interested woman will not need for you to call her weeks after first date.

What to do after asking a girl out?

Bottom line: Her not calling you does not mean you "did anything wrong". Maybe she just felt the right "chemistry" was not there. I would keep my options open by dating women who keep in contact with me after the first date.

My advice is to play the waiting game. By that I mean do not call her at all. If she wants to see you, she will call. If she does not call you, then you have your answer. For more tips about approaching women, refer to e-books in the series “ Relationships: Puzzles and Answers ” :

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