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Near impossible to start relationship with women

Near impossible to start relationship with women MEN's Portal / Partnerís Personality and Character  / Overcome shyness with women /

I enjoy interacting with other people, have no problem socializing on a platonic level, and found it very hard to approach a woman about anything more.

I think that initiating conversation with women comes as an impossible task for me. I can't be amusing or friendly or talk about anything meaningful. I'm always so incomprehensibly nervous that I freeze up.

What you would recommend me to do?


How to start a conversation with a girl?

The hardest, and yet the most important first step to starting a relationship with someone is to find the right compatible person. Most single people would tell that. As well, she should be available, willing to commit to new relationship, and at least on basic level compatible personality type.

It takes some time to meet right person, but once you realize how easy it can be, you realize it can be done and wonder why you had so much trouble before.

Chatting up women: interesting conversation topics

If you can find the nerve, absolutely ask some of girl - friends out. Hopefully she will smile and say yes, however it is possible she declines either politely or rudely.

If this happens, don't let it shoot down any other inclination you may have to ask somebody out. You have to remember that one example does not reflect the whole. If she does say yes, which is entirely possible, I guarantee you will feel a whole world better for having done it.

Flirty texts: signs of a women's love

Bottom line: Concerning the places to meet women this you will need to investigate this depending on where you live. Think of places where the ratio of women to men works in your favor e.g. a dance hall or mixed sporting club?

Keep on networking with people in and out work and you may find yourself being invited to outings and social events that could lead you to finding the right lady. Other than that keep your ears pricked and your eyes open. For more tips about starting a conversation with a girl, refer to e-books in the series “ Relationships: Puzzles and Answers ” :

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  • How to start a conversation with a girl?
  • Chatting up women: interesting conversation topics.
  • Flirty texts: signs of a women's love.

dating adviceApproaching women: The path of least resistance
Most guys do not pick up on signs very well. So many guys miss it. A proactive approach which gets your mind thinking positively instead of negatively will lead to success ever playing in dating game. If you're trying too hard to find out what you're supposed to do, you're tuned into your own thoughts instead of the signals someone is sending you.

relationships advicePower Words: Start and keep the conversation going
There is a high possibility that a woman is interested in you and would like to become more than friends with you. A woman might test your interest in her in an excessive way, so just play it cool like she's not the first one to come up to you. More than likely she will stop the flirty thing unless she really likes you.

conversation startersLead conversation: Techniques for deepening communication
The key to being successful with women is to be confident and to have good interpersonal skills. In order for you to develop speaking confidently to women you will need to practice. Sometimes women expect men to have a sign up on their head saying "I like you" when they are trying to read and interpret the man they are trying to create an interest in.

shyness flirting tipsOvercoming shyness: Guide for absolute beginners
Women can scent shy-byes a mile away. If you look like you will be walked all over than they're not going to be attracted, at all. If you put your energy into socializing more with women who are showing genuine interest in you as a person, chances are good you'll meet and share an attraction with someone who deserves to date you.

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